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Thank you for including me in
WHEAG's first annual Fall
summit. I was impressed both
personally and professionally
by the people I met and it was
an honor to be your keynote
speaker. Your summit was the
best organized whistleblower
event I've attended, and I
commend WHEAG for not
sacrificing your purpose at the
expense of personalities. I
think WHEAG is an important
and welcome voice in the
whistleblower community, as
evidenced by our recent co-
signing of a letter that played a
major role in a successful 26-1
committee vote giving jury
trials to federal workers trying
to enforce their Whistleblower
Protection Act rights. Although
WHEAG focuses more on
judicial misconduct, I applaud
its ability to see the bigger
picture and fight executive
misconduct with equal vigor. I
look forward to working with
NJCDLP and WHEAG in the


First let me thank both Zena
and Ollie for inviting me to
speak on the Whistle-blower
discussion panel last Friday. I
felt the audience connection I
believe we are truly building
coalitions to tear down
strongholds of injustice. I was
so proud of Jess and (her)
Keynote address and of course
my good friend and 'Shero'
Marsha, who never backs
down from a fight for equity
amongst humans. I shared the
conference theme and positive
synergy with by Amnesty Board
members on Saturday in NYC.
They were impressed and very
much interested in us doing
work together. Bottom-line, I
love you for all of your
dedicated service to others.

    Matthew Fogg

Zena, I'm running off to meet a
member of congress to
discuss upcoming hearings
and No FEAR II. It was a total
pleasure meeting you and
participating in your event. We
look forward to working
closely with you as we fight for

    [Dr. Marsha


Commensurate with the
recruiting policy of the Bill of
Attainder Project, 'you meet the
project, you are assimilated,
resistance is futile.' I heard no
objections to bonding together
the individuals, and the
organizations that attended this
conference. I think there will
be a future in this bonding.

    Tom Saunders,

Tom Saunders has some
interesting reflections on the
first NJCDLP / WHEAG summit,
and his insights on the
predicament of whistleblowers
has the ring of truth. Laws
protecting them have been
turned by the Federal Circuit
into a bladeless knife without a
handle. These and other
problems were discussed at
the Summit, remedies
suggested, and Congress will
hear more about all that- like
with our recent campaign to
have constituents deliver the
NJCDLP/WHEAG package to
Congressmen, Senators, or
their staffs at meetings in their
home offices, and address
their individual concerns as
well. I can only add that
inefficiency, cover up,
retaliation, etc. are somewhat
independent of the
administration in power. The
party in power may change, but
the bureaucracy goes on.

    Andrew D.
Fall Summit 2005
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